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Summer Capsule wardrobe tips and ideas

Do you always struggle to keep to the baggage allowance when you go on holiday?

Perhaps you come back with loads of unworn outfits?

Or you find it really difficult to get your summer wardrobe to mix and match?

All of the above are challenges many women face when trying to get ready for time away. There are some easy guidelines that will make this process super quick and easy if you plan ahead!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Accessories

  1. Sort out last year’s summer wardrobe including blouses, shirts, T-shirts, strappy tops, skirts, trousers, dresses, summer knitwear, accessories including footwear, bags, jewellery, etc.
  2. First make sure they fit and are suitable to use this season.
  3. Sort into types and colours and patterns (useful to hang if possible). The floor or a bed can also be used.
  4. At this stage you can begin to see if you have a lot of items in say one colour or pattern. For e.g. too many striped tops or black linen trousers etc. If you do then discover if they are all worth keeping or can you cull the pile further?
  5. If you have completed the wardrobe plan from the Noa Olney website, you will already be ahead of the curve!
  6. Holiday capsule wardrobes will depend on time of year, climate and activities. Let’s use a typical week in Spain with a mixture of beach, sightseeing and evenings out.
  7. Fabric is key - organic cotton, and *Ecovero linen are natural fibres. (*made from sustainable wood pulp. Its characteristics allow moisture to wick away easily, and air to pass through freely)
  8. Colour themes are important - Summer neutrals of white, cream, black, khaki, stone, light navy and terracotta to name a few are useful to invest in for basics.
  9. Wardrobe basics would include a couple of lightweight pairs of trousers, a skirt, a couple of pairs of shorts that can be worn smart or casual. Plus, about 5/6 blouses, T-shirts and strappy tops. Not forgetting a few pieces of swimwear and a couple of beach cover ups. Combined with a pair of flat trainers, flipflops and another pair of low summer sandals - you are pretty much good to go!
  10. Other requirements would include small sizes of skincare, make-up, etc. Remember most places now you can buy suncream and shampoo when you get there rather than carrying them in your valuable luggage space! If you do pack, double bag in plastic to avoid any accidents in the case.
  11. Plan your travel wear first. Make sure you wear the heaviest/bulky awkward items for e.g. your coats. Take a pillowcase and use as a pillow on long journeys, trainers, sun hat, etc. Use a cross body bag at the airport in case you need to put it in your suitcase. Pack a large fabric sun/beach bag flat in your case. I pack it last so all my clothes are not spilling out or get caught in the zip of the case if you need to open it. Put a pair of flip flops easily accessible in the side of your case in case it gets a bit warm for trainers on board.
  12. Always do a trial run with everything into the case including any footwear. Use the inside of shoes to pack underwear and other small items, they will help keep the footwear in shape.
  13. When you get to your resort try to unpack all the items and give them a good shake even if you need to use a hanger for multiple items, the creases if there are any will drop out more easily.
  14. Shown below is a selection of suggestions that would create a great summer capsule wardrobe. Colours and styles that will blend together in colour, style and fabric for not only a week away, but also work very well in the UK.

Noa Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Dress and bikini

Noa Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Blouse, vest, trousers

Noa Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Swimwear, shorts, T-shirt

Noa Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Cardigan, Trousers, Blouse

Noa Summer Capsule Wardrobe - Top, Skirt, Cardigan


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