Shopping at sale time

Shopping at sale time

Shopping in sales can be very frustrating for some and very rewarding for others. There are some important points to consider if you want to make the most from the perceived bargains which litter our email inbox, or we discover in-store.

Noa Noa Pre Autumn womenswear - Ecovero Viscose dress

Firstly, my best advice to think about the needs of your wardrobe before rushing off to bag your bargains! Need is quite an interesting thought! Lifestyle dictates what we wear, or don’t wear in from our wardrobe. For example, the school run mum combining motherhood with energetic toddlers and holding down a full time or part time job will be thinking in a very different way to the semi-retired lady who has a more relaxed, social lifestyle out with friends and lots of weekends and trips away.

A key rule to apply to any wardrobe is one item in and one item out. Ask yourself what needs replacing or is different rather than buying more of the same. Consider which styles are successful and which ones have not been so good. What colour themes do you work with apart from black, white, navy and grey marl!

Price point is important to many, sale time may allow you to consider looking at ranges that are normally outside of your normal budget. A top tip is to register for the brand’s email address so you get the alerts.

Cost per wear is something I talk about a lot. It is especially important at this time of year! It might sound odd, but if you buy a number of inexpensive items that you only wear once it has been an expensive shopping exercise. it is much better spending a little more on a beautiful piece that you wear regularly and you love wearing. The cost per wear is much lower and it is something that will add value to your wardrobe rather than a ‘that will do item’! Those tend to stay in the wardrobe unworn and unloved!

Noa Noa womenwear - Ecovero fabrics

Next is to allocate a budget to your spending, it’s too easy to think I will get it because it’s in the sale I will have it! Remember we wear summer clothes for a far shorter time than we do the autumn/winter selections. It is worth considering where you will be as this will focus your attention on the styles and weights of fabric. Lookout for organic cottons and ecovero viscose (created from sustainable wood pulp) great for hot weather. Noa Noa use these in much of their collections, these are far cooler to wear than polyester mixes.

My other top tip would be to ensure you try everything on before you leave the store. So many ladies are inclined to think that what they buy will fit them and are surprised if it doesn’t! Not all stores offer a returns policy so be sure to check first. I’m a great believer in making sure it does work, far less hassle then having to return it. Either way it’s not great for your carbon footprint or time!

Changing rooms at Noa Noa Olney UK

So to sum up:

  1. Check out your wardrobe out before shopping
  2. Think about where you are going and what you need.
  3. Create a budget.
  4. Create a list.
  5. Stay focused, don’t waste money or time on garments you know you won’t wear or are just a bargain in the shop.
  6. Ensure what you buy adds value to your wardrobe!
  7. Don’t buy random items in odd colours or styles that don’t work with anything else in your wardrobe.
  8. Make sure you try everything on and it fits you!

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