Jane outside Noa Olney store wearing Emma coat in soft red this autumn 2023

Coat curation for autumn and winter

The coat is one of the most expensive purchases we make and this is the time of year we start to consider such a purchase!  

As with all significant purchases, it is important to consider what you already have in your wardrobe / coat cupboard before hitting the shops or the internet. The cut and shape of a coat is vital if you want to find a coat you will love and wear for years to come. Lifestyle plays a big role in what a coat needs to do. If you have a more relaxed lifethen something that adapts for a variety of looks would be best, so you can wear your jeans and a jumper under it one day and a dress with boots and a cardigan another day. This will generally require a slightly less fitted style.

Noa Olney store autumn 2023

 The Emma coat, with its soft shoulder line creating a gentle draping effect is ideal for a range of body types. The notched V neckline helps to lengthen a shorter neck whilst the shorter collar frames a longer neck. It is flattering on the majority of figure shapes as the style is neither too neat or overscale. Made from a mix of 62% polyester, 33% viscose 5% elastane. This makes it an ideal weight for most temperatures in the UK.

Smart black is always available all year round as a never out of stock item. 

Jane walking along with Emma coat in black - Noa Olney

Plus this autumn / winter has a limited edition collection of colours including a soft taupe, which is extremely flattering on many skin tones. Not to be confused with camel, this pinky taupe can be worn with strong contrasting colours or blended with soft complimentary tones. 

Jane outside Noa Olney shop with Emma coat in pink taupe

If you fancy something more festive, we have a lovely soft red hitting the store soon to warm you up.

Jane outside Noa Olney store with Emma coat in soft red

This autumn, we are excited to have the Emma coat also in a beautiful 50/50 wool/polyester mix in a soft navy. This an ideal neutral for those who find black too harsh against their skin tone. 

Jane outside Noa Olney wearing Wool mix coat in soft navy

This season the overscale is very much a trend that is not disappearing. Our Celia coat is a fabulous example of this trend. Available in black, it is ideal for apple shapes that really do need a coat that is generous from the shoulder to knee. The low V shaped broad collar keeps the look in proportion and a scarf around the neck can create either a stronger and brighter or softer more muted look.

Jane in Noa Olney store wearing Celia overscale coat in black

For those who think coats don’t generally fit them and find their waist is smaller than their bust and hip measurement, ie more of an hourglass or a pear shape, then a more fitted style can be the answer. The Cecila coat is an ideal cut for those looking to highlight their waist. Single breasted and complete with a belt giving a more formal feel. However, it has been created in a soft pinky taupe, which means it has more of an everyday use. If you do find you would like to relax the look then simply tie the belt behind and wear it open. It has a 50/50 wool polyester mix, which will keep you warm through the cold winter months, especially if you have started to commute by train into London or any large cities.

Jane wearing Noa Olney's Cecila belted coat in taupe

Our latest showstopper to hit the store is our stunning Fry coat, which has a lovely window pane check in cream, grey and bottle green. It is a single breasted, two buttoned straight cut coat. It would be ideal for those who are 5 foot 5 and above. The size of the window pane check is ideal for taller ladies as it breaks up the height. The angular pattern enhances straighter more rectangular body shapes as well. It’s texture has more of a soft mohair feel. Created from 70% polyester and 30% wool, it will be a great statement coat for years to come. This would work well with cooler tones of grey, navy, forest green or a shot of fuchsia pink as a complementary colour.

Jane inside Noa Olney wearing Fry coat window pane check in cream, grey and bottle green

We have seen a return of capes in the form of Dina, the cape coat, which has been in store for some while and has been a great hit because of its versatility. With its wide batwing sleeves it is ideal to wear with chunky knit jumpers or with a dress as required. Has a neckline that can be raised to keep out the wind and two buttons to keep you snug on the windiest of days. Made from 90% polyester and 10% wool. It has worked well on a variety of body shapes. Great coat for the car as it is not too long! Available in camel, it gives a soft warm glow suitable for warmer skin tones.

Noa Olney Dina cape coat in camel

Last, but not least if you are looking for something practical, warm and water repellant then the Veronica jacket would be the answer. Made with recycled polyamide and polyester filling it is ideal for keeping you warm on the coldest of days. It is long enough to cover your bottom and has a funnel neck to keep the winter drafts out. This coat will volumise on the body, but I think most people have realised by now that this coat style will add inches, but when it is bitter cold they simply love a warm duvet wrapped around them!

Jane wearing the Noa Olney Veronica coat in black

All coat’s available in sizes 8-20 (34-46), please remember we have limited numbers available. Call for more details.

Prices as follows:

Emma coat (black, taupe or soft red) - £179

Emma wool coat (navy) - £229

Celia wool coat (black) - £229

Cecila belted wool coat (taupe) - £239

Fry coat (window pane check green) - £199

Dina cape coat (camel) - £179

Veronica padded jacket (black) - £149


For more styling advice on coats or any other item in store call or email Jane at enquiries@noaolney.co.uk


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